A Trick of the Mind by Ryan Christianson

Now living alone, I could understand how the heat could make someone mad. Something always happens in August…

Pony Tails and Ties by Theory Clarke

I was so excited to have the opportunity to go to such a prestigious school. I was living out my Harry Potter fantasy! Cheltenham College Preparatory School, what a fancy name for such a fancy school, I thought.

Was it Worth It? by Isaiah Henry

My entire life I knew my goal was to go far away from home for college. Then, when it was finally time, things happened in my life that caused me to think about changing my mind.

A Collection of Summers by Amber Huddle

This manuscript outlines my journey of coming to terms with my sexuality and struggling with finding where I belong in religious, social, and family settings.

Flight by Isabella Osorio

I hate airplanes. There’s something about crossing the threshold from the jet bridge into the cold body of the plane that feels like signing my own death certificate.

Seasons of Life by Audra Plamondon

As seasons change, so do our lives. We all go through different periods of life, but what can we get out of them?

The Things That Don’t Last by Mia Anne

I’m sitting here watching this scene. “You sure you don’t wanna join?” Every time, I smile and shake my head. This is my social stasis.

A Conversation within the Void by Madeline Wilson

Ever thought of what would happen if you could talk to a past version of yourself? What year of your life would you talk to? What would you tell them? Come listen to jazz with a warm cup of tea or coffee for a little self-reflection. 

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